All In One Hosted PMS

Our Solution

1) h-PMS h-PBX (Hosted Property Management System and Hosted PBX)

This is option is the most cost effective method to serve small and medium hotels. Only the end equipments will be installed at hotel and servers and other core equipment will be hosted at skymid IDC. Both PMS and PABX are hosted

2) h-PMS p-PBX (Hosted Property Management System and premises PBX)

If the your hotels current internet connectivity is not suitable for voip it is possible to located only your PBX at the hotel location. PMS can still be hosted in skymid IDC for reliability of data and accessibility at anywherePMS is hosted and PABX is located at premises

3) p-PMS p-PBX (Premises Property Management System and Premises PBX)

If you don't preferred to have your PABX or PMS at cloud, you have option to host it in locally. both PMS and PABX are located at premises

4) Hosted Wifi

It is possible to offer hosted wifi with any of the above solutions. With hosted wifi, you only need to have wifi access point at your location. All the other equipment like wifi access points and radius severs will be located on the cloud.
 Typical scenario is that guest is allowed to connect to hotels wifi network, when the guest opens his browser, instead of his usual home page, the browser will be redirected to skymid wifi portal, this web portal is customized to the hotel. The guest is allowed to enter his room number and identity card number, once he entered the information, he will be prompted to select a package for internet browsing. The selected a package will be added the bill automatically. He will be allowed to browse internet for duration of his purchased package. Currently skymid has tested and offered wifi integration with meraki wifi access points and their cloud controller.

Following diagram will show call flow and interaction of different nodes in skymid hosted wifi solution.

1) When the guest opens his browser, he will be redirected to skymid wifi portal, which is customized for hotels theme. Once guest enter his credential (room number and his identity card), he can log into the guest area. if he logged successfully he will be allowed to select available packages from list of packages that hotel administrator previously created.

2) Once guest selected the package, guest browser will be posting authentication information to meraki cloud controller.

3) Meraki cloud controller will send authentication information of guest to skymid wifi authentication server.

4) Skymid wifi auth server will verify authentication information with skymid hotel management system.

5) If authentication is successful, Wifi auth server will inform Meraki cloud controller that authentication is successful.  Then Meraki cloud controller will inform Meraki AP located at hotel to allow guests on the network for defined time duration. Once time duration is over, guest will be redirected back to web portal and process should repeat from 1).  


both PMS and PABX are located at premises