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For Operators and Voip Providers

You may find that your current voice offerings are not very attractive for hospitality industry. Main problem is that your telephony system is not tightly integrated with customers property management system. Since customers are having different types of property management systems it is difficult to integrate with all the PMS available in the market. Even for wifi, due to unavailability of standard interface between hotel management system and wifi network equipment to interchange charging information, it needs customized development to automatically bill wifi users.

Since skymid hosted property management system is build in with voice and wifi operator has to integrate only once. Billing and feature will be transparently available for all hotels on the system.

For voip and ISP providers, rather than selling bandwidth pipe and voice calls, it is time to integrate their services to customers business. Earlier it was voice lines and bandwith pipes that ISP providers sold to customers. Now is not bandwidth or voice lines, it is integrated hosted property management system.

It is possible to integrate with existing wifi core networks and voice infrastructure to provide feature rich and seamless experience to users branded as operators offerings.

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For Equipment Vendors

We are willing to have large number of customer premises equipment under our interoperable devices list. This will make more available choices for our customers. Mainly there are two broadcategories of equipment

voip end equipments like IADs and IP Phones

. IADs and IP phones are registered on hosted skymid voip server. Our customers can locate IP phones in their guest rooms or staff desks. Depending on the type of extension as defined in skymid, calling rules will be applied.

Currently Interoperable voip Devices

  • IAD – Integrated Access Devices
    • Innomedia
    • Audio Code
  • IP Phones
    • LInksys

Wifi Access points and Access Controllers.

Wifi access points and controllers should be configured to get authenticated by skymid AAA server and should send accounting information to skymid AAA. Skymid AAA will instruct the AP or APC to disconnect sessions when the guest session is expired.

Currently Interoperable Wifi Devices

  • Wifi Access points
    • Merachy