All In One Hosted PMS


User Interfaces.

System is fully managed by the web interfaces and different levels of access are given to Hotels to change their configurations and maintain day today Hotel operations. System consist of bellow types of interfaces which can be configured using Hotel Admin Interface

  • Hotel Admin
  • Front-Desk
  • Hotel Director
  • Travel Agent
  • Service Outlets
  • Mini-bar IVR (Interactive voice response) voice portal

Hotel Admin

Hotel Admin interface is meant for hotel's IT manager where he can do the basic configuration of their hotel. Features

  • Change Hotel Information
  • Define Taxes
  • Define Guest ID types
  • Create Room Types
  • Create Rooms
  • Define Fixed/Variable Room Rates
  • Create Hotel Staff.
  • Create Web-portal users (Front-desk, Hotel Director, Travel Agent, service outlet or another Hotel Admin)
  • Create Mini-bar Items
  • Create Item Categories ( for Service outlets)
  • Create Items under each category
  • Define Telephone Rates
  • View and Define telephone Extension
  • Define Call Routing Table
  • Define Phone Settings (Set Outgoing CLI, Forward All incoming to Frontdesk)
  • Set/change default check in/out time
  • Set room preparation time
  • Setting billing threshold for Guest per Hotel.
  • Set Loyalty point percentage as percentage of room charges
  • Creating Hotel Agents (Web Portal or Web Code)


Front-desk is to be used at point of sales of hotel. This interface can be used to check-in/out guests, make reservations, add charges, print invoices etc. Features

  • Check In/Out
  • Reservations
  • View Room Status
  • Save/Edit Guest Information
  • Grouping Guests ( Allow extension Dialing between rooms)
  • Add Items to bill
  • Add Discounts

Hotel Director

Hotel owner can use this interface to have bird view on the room status, Hotel revenue, and statistics on Guest Checkin/Checkout's. Features

  • Monthly revenue
  • Daily Revenue
  • Revenue by Service category (Wifi revenue, Revenue by Telephone calls, Room charges)
  • Room Utilization

Travel Agent

Travel Agent interface is of two types, It can be a web portal, where agent can see room utilization and make reservations. Other type of agent interface is web code, where Agent is given HTML ( Hypertext Markup Language) code so that he can paste it on his website. Any reservation made through this interface will add commission to agent if the reservation is made through successful check in and check out. Service Outlets This interface is to be used at service outlets of hotel like bar and Spa, if guest takes services from one of these service outlets this interface can be used to add the correct charging to guest bill. Hotel admin can attached item categories to service outlets interface

Mini-Bar IVR

Mini-bar interface is a voice based IVR. When the guest needs to checkout housekeeper can check on the mini-bar and add items to guest bill with keying item codes of Minibar items.