All In One Hosted PMS

All In one Hosted Property Management System

One obstacle faced by small and medium hotels is that the typical PMS and PBX are expensive and the integration of these units are difficult and result in expensive integration and maintenance. Skymid's unique Hosted Hotel Management solution is mainly targeted at small to medium size hotels. The solution consist of PMS , PBX and Wifi core network built together so that no integration is required between these nodes. System is fully hosted in Skymid IDC and each hotel is logically separated and managed by Skymid. This result in reduced capex for hotels and pay for the features and capacity they really used.

How Hosted Property Management System Works.

Once a hotel subscribe to our service, we will create a Logical hotels on skymid Hpms. Then we will give you the access to Hotel Administrater, where you can logged in and setup the hotel. More details on how to configured hotel can be found at here In case you are not sure how to configure your hotel you can always send us the information and we can configure it for you.

Once you logged in with credential of Hotel Administrator you can create other roles (like frontdesk, Hotel owner etc) in your hotel. Then frontdesk loggin can be used to various other taskds that like resevation checkins/outs should be performed by frontdesk operator.

According to your subscription you hotel instance is capable of handling telephones of your room and staff. You need to purchase required number of IP Phones or IADs ( for analog phones) which supports SIP ( Session Initiation Protocole). You need to configure assigned numbers on IAD or IP Phones. You can use Hotel administrator interface to check the registration status of those phones. In addition to that you can define extension numbers to those phones Generally telephone extensions are defined equalent to room numbers. Once you have done basic configuration, you can define rate at which users are billed depending on the patterns of dialed digits ( Patterns are matched using regex expressions). Once the telephone extension in a room is ready it is not capable of dialing outside (Detailed dialing ruels between diffent phones are types are displayed here. ) unles valid guest cheched in to the room. If guest is checked in to the room extension is enabled and user can dial any number (You can still limit if you wish) and will be charged at the rate you have previously difined and added to bill at the checkout invoice generation.

If you have successfully installed wifi AP at your hotel premises, the checkedin guest can view wifi network and he can connect if required. Once he opens a browser, instead of his usual home page, he will be directed to skymid's portal which is customized according to your requirement. then the guest can enter his room no, and once of IDs which he has given at the checkin stage. once these two parameters are correct, he will be prompted to select a package (which you have previously difined in hotel administrator interface). Once he select the package, he can brows internet afterwards and account will be added to his bill.

There are so many other features that only a large hotels can enjoy earlier. all these fetures at amaizingly low cost.

Main Components of HPMS

The features can broadly be devided into three categories, hotel Property Manament system which has several types of user interfaces for different employees in the hotel. PABX is the entitiy that manages call handling of the rooms and staff. Wifi is secured internet browsing service offered to hotel guests.